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Stone Mastic Asphalt Car Park
Stone Mastic Asphalt Car Park

SMA for Car Parks, Access Roads and Commercial Areas

Stone Mastic Asphalt, or SMA, provides a much harder wearing surface than tarmacadam.

This makes it ideal for car parks, access roads, industrial estates and other heavily trafficked commercial areas.

SMA has a very high content of coarse aggregate than tarmacadam which provides greater ‘stone on stone’ contact to form an ‘aggregate skeleton’.

A typical stone mastic asphalt mix would be 80% coarse aggregate, 9% mastic mixture containing bitumen, 10% filler and 1% fibre.

The high stone content in stone mastic asphalt produces a more stable and durable product, which helps to resist deformation and the development of ruts.

Newly laid SMA at a School
Newly Laid Stone Mastic Asphalt with Thermoplastic Paint Signage at a School

Installation of Stone Mastic Asphalt

Stone Mastic Asphalt Prices - Stone Mastic Asphalt Installation
Stone Mastic Asphalt is always installed and compacted by heavy machinery

Stone mastic asphalt is always machine laid and different mixes are used for both the binder course and the final wearing course.

Stone mastic asphalt surfaces are designed to take heavy traffic so they are normally constructed with at least four substantial layers, rather than three for a domestic tarmacadam driveway.

The four compacted layers of a typical small car park would consist of:

  • up to 150 mm sub-base of stone aggregate,
  • an intermediate base layer up to 100 mm thick,
  • a 60 mm binder course and
  • a final wearing course of SMA 40 mm thick.
Advantages of Stone Mastic Asphalt over Tarmacadam
  • SMA provides a more durable surface than tarmacadam making it more resistant to ruts from heavy traffic.
  • Heavy traffic generates less noise on SMA due to the surface texture characteristics of stone mastic asphalt.
  • SMA can normally be manufactured and installed with the same plant and machinery required for normal hot tarmacadam.
  • The mastic content of SMA makes it more flexible than tarmacadam and therefore it is less likely to crack when compacted.
Compacting a Newly Installed Stone Mastic Asphalt Access Road
Compacting SMA on a Road

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