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Tarmac Paving Prices - Red Tarmac Driveway
Driveway Quotes - Resin and Aggregate Driveway
Resin and Aggregate
Driveway Quotes - Block Paving Driveway
Block Paving
Porcelain Paving Prices - Symphony Vitrified Tumbled
Porcelain Paving
Driveway Quotes - London cobble pattern imprinted concrete driveway
Pattern Imprinted Concrete
Tumbled Sandstone Paving
Natural Stone Paving
Tarmac Paving Quote - Tarmac driveway entrance with block paving border
Tarmac Driveway Entrance with Block Paving Border

Everyone is familiar with tarmacadam and everyone has an opinion about it – good or bad. But tarmac is still widely used for domestic driveways, footpaths, tennis courts, school playgrounds and car parks.

Tarmac doesn’t have to be plain black. It can provide an attractive paving surface for your driveway with block paving edging and other design features and inlays.

Tarmacadam is also available in a wide range of colours including green, red, blue and buff, providing a much more attractive appearance than black tarmacadam. Coloured tarmacadam is ideal for domestic driveways, play areas and at tourist attractions.

Tarmacadam is bituminous macadam which in the industry is shortened to bitmac.  The term tarmac is the most widely used name in common parlance for the product but Tarmac is the name of a company, in the same way that Hoover, and Dyson, are names of vacuum cleaner manufacturers.  Tarmac is a registered trade name, so in the Paving Prices website we will use the term tarmacadam or bitmac.

Permeable bitmac is also available and it meets all of the criteria of SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) legislation which requires that rainwater run-off from front driveways is channelled through underground drainage systems to prevent it adding to the potential problems of flooding in urban areas.

Typically, a tarmacadam driveway installation would have 100 mm of hard core base such as Type 1 MOT (a Ministry Of Transport specified product), a 50 mm thick sub-base of bitmac and at least 30 mm of a harder wearing course of bitmac.  Some form of edging is required for a tarmacadam driveway to prevent the edges from breaking up under the weight of a car.  This could be block paving, kerb stones, a boundary wall or your house wall.

Tarmacadam is often seen as the poor relation to block paving and pattern imprinted concrete by homeowners wanting a new driveway or patio. In recent years however, tarmacadam paving prices have risen to around those of block paving prices.  Tarmacadam is still though, one of the most popular surfaces used for domestic driveways and footpaths in the UK today.

Block Paving Driveway with circular feature
Block Paving Driveway with Circular Feature

Block paving, or brick paving as it is sometimes known, is one of the most popular paving products in the UK. In addition to its use on domestic driveways and patio areas, it can also be seen in commercial areas such as pedestrian precincts. Block paving is also ideal as a border for tarmacadam driveways and resin & aggregate driveways to support the edges of the paving.

Block paving grows in popularity year on year. This is due to the wide choice of colours and patterns available and also because modern mass production techniques have made it more affordable for both domestic and commercial use. As a result block, paving prices are now as competitive as they have ever been.

Increasingly, permeable block paving is being specified for front driveways of domestic properties to help alleviate potential problems with flooding in urban areas after heavy rain.

SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) legislation has been introduced to ensure that water run-off from front driveways is dealt with through underground drainage systems rather than allowing rainwater to soak into the ground.

Typically, a block paving driveway installation would consist of 100 mm of hard core base such as Type 1 MOT, a 50 mm layer of slightly damp sharp sand and then the blocks. Finally, block paving should have kiln dried sand brushed into the surface to help tighten the joints and reduce weed growth.

Block paving is available in a wide choice of shapes, sizes, textures, colours and patterns.

The design possibilities are endless and with layout patterns including herringbone, circles and brick formations. There is a block paving solution for every driveway, patio or garden.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Prices - Yorkshire Fieldstone
Yorkshire Fieldstone Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Pattern imprinted concrete originated in America where it is known as stamped concrete, pressed concrete or decorative concrete.

Pattern imprinted concrete aims to replicate natural paving surfaces such as stone, brick, cobbles, slate or timber but without the cost and maintenance issues that these natural products bring with them.

To form a pattern imprinted concrete driveway, colour pigments are added to the surface of the concrete before it sets. Printing mats are then used to create patterns in the surface of the concrete which resemble the joints and textures of your chosen type of natural paving.

Pattern imprinted concrete driveways and patios are formed by laying at least 100 mm of fibre reinforced concrete, on 100 mm compacted hardcore base. A colouring agent and antique release agent is then added to the surface, before creating your desired pattern by pressing printing mats into the soft surface of the concrete. The coloured and patterned imprinted concrete surface is then sealed to protect it.

Because pattern imprinted concrete is formed on site, areas can be shaped to your choice of design with curved driveways and circular patios possible. Using flag stones or block paving to create a curved paved area generally requires some of the pre-formed blocks or paving slabs being cut to shape. This is not necessary with pattern imprinted concrete.

Pattern imprinted concrete prices are generally higher per square metre than block paving. However, when installed and maintained properly, pattern imprinted concrete will last much longer and will not sink or allow weed growth through it like areas of block paving can.

Pattern imprinted concrete is widely used for domestic driveways and patios but it also has commercial uses. This includes pedestrian areas in shopping malls, at theme parks (including Disney World) and around fast food outlets such as Macdonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut. Pattern imprinted concrete has also been used on film sets including Victorian cobbled streets for period dramas and the outside dining area in the film Mamma Mia, set on the Greek island of Skopelos.

Resin and Aggregate Driveway Quotes
Resin and Aggregate Driveway

Resin and aggregate paving involves gluing coloured aggregates such as granite and shingle onto an existing flat surface to provide a natural stone overlay. There are two different methods of creating a resin and aggregate driveway.

Resin bonded paving involves the application of a tacky coat of resin onto the existing driveway and scattering loose aggregate over it.

Resin bound paving is formed by applying a prepared mixture of resin and coloured natural stone aggregate over the existing driveway and spreading it out with a trowel.

Aggregates are available in a surprisingly wide variety of natural colours including red, buff, terracotta and silver. And blending natural and specially coloured gravels means that resin and aggregate paving is an ideal alternative to block paving, pattern imprinted concrete and coloured tarmacadam for your driveway or patio.

Also, the flexibility in design and application of resin and aggregate paving makes it an ideal surface for use by businesses to display their corporate branded colours and logos in a paving surface.

Both types of resin and aggregate paving provide a durable, long lasting surface and require little in the way of maintenance. It is also resistant to weed growth and the natural stone aggregates used do not fade in ultra violet light.

Resin and aggregate paving surfaces provide a skid resistant surface making it ideal for driveways, patios, footpaths and pavements. It is also perfectly suited for commercial areas in pedestrian precincts and around the entrances to commercial buildings.

Resin and aggregate paving systems involve bonding an existing surface with epoxy or polymer resin and coloured aggregates. However, both types of resin & aggregate paving are applied onto an existing sub-base in relatively thin layers compared to other forms of paving. This means that a suitable sub-base of concrete or tarmac with no major cracks is required to achieve a durable driveway or patio.

Resin and aggregate paving cannot be laid straight onto block paving or flagstones. This is because cracks may open up on the new surface when a car is driven over it.

Porcelain paving prices - Marshalls Symphony Urban

Porcelain Paving is manufactured from a dense type of clay which is fired at a very high temperature to produce a sleek yet tough and durable paving tile.

Before firing, the surface of the porcelain paving tile can be patterned to replicate either natural stone such as granite or limestone, or even wooden planks.

Porcelain Paving tiles can be vitrified by combining the clay with quartz, feldspar or silica which provides added strength and makes them more scratch and water resistant.

Porcelain Paving is very water resistant with a water absorption rate of less than 0.5% compared to block paving which can have a water absorption rate in excess of 5%. This is very important in maintaining the timeless appearance of porcelain paving over a long period.

Complete the form on this page to receive competitive porcelain paving prices from our database of paving installation companies around the UK.

Natural Stone Paving Prices
Paving Prices - Natural Stone Paving
Natural Stone Paving

Natural stone paving is one of the most attractive forms of paving available. It includes granite setts and cobbles, slate, limestone and sandstone which are available in a wide range of natural colours, textures, shapes and sizes.

Nothing comes close to the finish and appearance of natural stone paving and although prices are higher than for most other types of paving, you will not regret your decision.

Granite setts and cobbles can be used to make an ideal driveway or entrance apron to a tarmacadam driveway, whilst slate, limestone and sandstone is more suitable to the pedestrian-only areas of gardens and patios.

A typical natural stone paving installation would require at least 100 mm of hard core sub-base such as Type 1 MOT with a geo-fabric membrane below, a 30 mm mortar bed and then the stone paving. Once the natural stone paving has been laid, it should be grouted with a mortar mix to fill the joints and reduce weed growth.

Machine Laid Stone Mastic Asphalt
Machine Laid Stone Mastic Asphalt

Stone mastic asphalt, shortened to SMA, was developed in the 1960s to provide a more hard wearing surface than tarmacadam or bitmac.

Stone mastic asphalt is widely used in areas of heavy traffic such as roads, motorways, petrol station forecourts, car parks and industrial estates.

The strength of stone mastic asphalt is due to the high stone content which forms an interlocking aggregate skeleton. The voids are filled with mastic and filler but traffic loads are transmitted through the stone rather than the mortar.

Stone mastic asphalt consists of approximately 75% coarse aggregate, 7% mastic and the rest is filler and fibres. Because SMA has more stone on stone contact than bitmac, stone mastic asphalt is more stable, durable and longer lasting than tarmacadam.

The appearance of stone mastic asphalt is very different to that of tarmacadam and you will notice more stone showing on the surface. Whilst the surface course of a tarmacadam pavement may have stone aggregates with a particle size of around 5 mm to 10 mm, the surface course of stone mastic asphalt could have stone aggregate with a particle size of more than 20 mm or 30 mm, or even larger for a motorway or industrial area designed to take heavy goods vehicles.

Typically, a stone mastic asphalt car park would have 200 mm of hard core base material such as Type 1 MOT, a 75 mm sub-base of bitmac, a 50 mm binder course and 50 mm of stone mastic asphalt wearing course. Each stone mastic asphalt installation should be individually specified by an architect or quantity surveyor in charge of the project, having taken account of its intended use.

If you have an area which is to be used by heavy traffic, such as a car park for industrial or commercial use, you should use stone mastic asphalt and not bitmac. Our installers are experienced in advising customers of exactly the right product and specification based on your intended use. Stone mastic asphalt prices are naturally higher than tarmacadam prices due to the much higher specification but if any advice can be offered, it is that short cuts should never be taken.

All types of domestic driveway paving surfaces will deteriorate over time due to usage and weathering but most paving can be cleaned, refurbished or restored. Both block paving and pattern imprinted concrete can be cleaned and resealed with specialist materials and even tarmac driveways can be restored back to a ‘nearly new’ appearance.

Restoring or refurbishing paving surfaces will not only enhance the appearance of your driveway or patio, it can add years of life to your tarmac, block paving or pattern imprinted concrete paving. It is however, no substitute to complete replacement and if your paved surface is very badly damaged, cleaning and attempting to restore its appearance is not always the right answer.

Cleaning and Sealing Block Paving
Cleaning Block Paving with a Rotary Cleaner

Block paving can turn dull and fade over time. It can also stain from oil spillages and allow weed and moss growth between the joints. However, it is possible to restore block paving back to almost new condition. Most homeowners can carry out basic cleaning of their block paving but to return it to near original condition will require specialist machinery and commercial cleaning and sealing products.

Water-based sealer may enhance the appearance of your block paving but urethane block paving sealers penetrate the surface of block paving to repel oil. This prevents further staining and bonds the grains of sand together between the joints of the block paving which holds the blocks in place and reduces weed growth.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Before Resealing
Pattern Imprinted Concrete Before Resealing
Pattern Imprinted Concrete After Resealing
Pattern Imprinted Concrete After Resealing

When pattern imprinted concrete is installed, one of the last jobs is to clean the surface of the concrete and seal it with a resin rich, solvent based sealant. The sealer becomes a sacrificial layer whose job it is to protect the concrete below.

The layer of sealer will eventually wear thin and over time the surface will start to look dull, lose its colour. The layer of sealant becomes brittle and flaky.

Pattern imprinted concrete driveways with moderate use will probably require cleaning and sealing every three to five years, though this also depends on how exposed your driveway is to bad weather.

Cleaning and resealing pattern imprinted concrete involves removing all of the old sealant with a mild acid solution. Once the acid has been washed away and the surface is completely dry, new sealant can be applied. This is sprayed onto the concrete in several thin layers and allowed to dry before use.

Cleaning and resealing pattern imprinted concrete will return your driveway to almost new condition and will ensure that it will continue to last for many years.

Tarmac Restoration - Before
Tarmac Restoration - Before
Tarmac Restoration - After
Tarmac Restoration - After

If a tarmacadam driveway is properly and professionally installed it should give many years of use, even with regular vehicular traffic.

Over time, however the tarmacadam surface will slowly degenerate and cracks can appear which may eventually form pot holes.

A very badly damaged tarmacadam driveway may need to be excavated and a new driveway installed. However if your driveway has suffered only slight wear, it may only need to be resurfaced.

If your tarmacadam driveway is showing signs of aging but the surface is still intact, it will probably only need to be treated with tarmac paint or a tarmacadam restoration product.

Less expensive tarmacadam paints which are available will only offer a quick fix and provide a temporary solution in terms of improving your driveway’s appearance.

Professionally applied tarmacadam paints should not only re-colour the tarmacadam surface, they should also seal it and protect it from ultra violet light.

Good quality tarmac paints, properly applied will protect your driveway from wear and tear. They will also reduce weed growth and prolong the life of your driveway.

Patio Paving Quote - Rustic Brick Effect Patio
Rustic Brick Effect Patio

The patio in your rear garden is a place where you can relax and enjoy warm summer days. For that you’ll need to design a patio with your lifestyle in mind. Will it provide space for a BBQ, a play area for children or will it just be a peaceful spot to get some ‘me time’ and relax after a busy week?

Your patio also needs to be designed with your garden and home in mind. A quiet spot away from the house, an area next to your conservatory or the focal point in the centre of your garden?

Paving products suitable for patio paving include block paving, pattern imprinted concrete, resin bonded paving or for something special, natural stone paving.

Concrete Driveway
Concrete Driveway

Concrete is one of the simplest, most durable and low maintenance types of paving available and is used for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications.

Compared to more attractive types of paving the dull grey surface of concrete can be relatively unappealing. However, as long as a thick enough layer is installed and the surface is sealed, concrete is long lasting and more than capable of taking heavy traffic.

Garden Paving with steps and feature walls
Garden Paving with steps and feature walls

When choosing the type of paving for your garden, homeowners are faced with a massive choice of paving surfaces including block paving, pattern imprinted concrete, coloured tarmacadam, resin and aggregate surfaces, natural stone, flagstones, granite setts, cobbles and decorative gravel.

Garden paving designers and installers have a wealth of experience and knowledge which can help you to achieve your perfect garden or patio area.

Every garden and patio design is different and unique in its own way, whilst complementing your home.

Paving Prices for Homeowners
Driveway Quotes - Block Paving Driveway
Block Paving Driveway
Natural Stone Slate Circle Patio
Natural Stone Slate Circle Patio

Paving companies which install paving for domestic driveways and patios generally specialise in one or two types of paving but the demands of business these days may force them into being a ‘jack of all trades’.

Whether you are considering block paving, pattern imprinted concrete, tarmacadam, natural stone paving or resin and aggregate paving, Paving Prices can offer you the widest choice of paving and the best paving prices for your home and garden.

One of our paving contractors will contact you by telephone to discuss your requirements in detail and should you wish, will arrange to visit your home and provide you with a no obligation, written quotation.

Best advice suggests that you should get several quotations before making a decision about your new driveway, garden or patio area.

Paving Prices can introduce you to up to four paving installation companies who will offer different ideas and quotations for you to consider.

Paving Prices for Businesses, Schools and Commercial Organisations
Newly laid SMA at a school, with thermoplastic paint signage
Newly laid SMA at a school, with thermoplastic paint signage

Commercial paving companies have the manpower and machinery to deal with large areas of paving which installers working from home could not cope with.

A tarmacadam installation company which could lay a new domestic driveway may not be able to cope with laying Stone Mastic Asphalt in a large car park, industrial estate or public highway.

If you are looking for a competitive quote for a car park, a forecourt, a school playground or an industrial estate, contact Paving Prices today.

We work with architects, quantity surveyors and facilities management companies and can either work from drawings to provide an estimate or carry out a full survey for a fixed price quotation.

If you’re happy with Paving Prices, go to our Just a Quote website for more home improvement quotes, including:

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